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One of the best ways to get an idea of a translator’s work is to look at examples of his or her translations. This is what you will find here: a collection of links to several published examples of my texts on other websites, followed by a few sample translations from fields in which I work.

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Published Examples

Book translation

An excerpt from my translation of the book
What Lacan Said About Women: A Psychoanalytic Study, by Colette Soler (Other Press, 2006), was published in The Psychoanalytic Review in 2005. The first page of the excerpt can be viewed at the journal’s website (click below).

John Holland has produced an excellent translation. While using established English terms for the Lacanian terminology he has succeeded in sustaining the originality and creativity of Soler’s arguments by sensitively negotiating the challenges he recognized in the task of transposing her French syntax into the English language.

Review by Astrid Gessert in the
British Journal of Psychotherapy,
Vol. 23 (2007), p. 604

Primary Source Text

Jacques Lacan’s “On a Reform in its Hole”

My translation is the first in English of this op-ed written in 1969 for the French newspaper Le Monde.

The text, which was not published during Lacan’s lifetime, addresses the university reforms proposed in the wake of the May 1968 student revolt in France.
For more information, please see my “Introduction” (PDF) published with the translation.

The French version is published on the website of Dr. Patrick Valas, to whom Lacan entrusted the manuscript.

The translation is published in the “Capitalism and Psychoanalysis” section of S: Journal of the Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique (Volume 8, 2015), which I edited.

Blog post

At these links, you can read both the original French version and my English translation of a post by the anthropologist and sociologist Paul Jorion, published on his popular economics and finance blog.

The post draws a parallel between high frequency stock trading and science fiction films, in particular Skynet from the Terminator series.

One of my publications

I presented this text at the 2009 conference of The European Society of Jamesian Studies. It was published in Henry James’s Europe: Heritage and Transfer (Open Book Publishers, 2011), as “Losing Oneself: Autobiography, Memory, Vision.”

The article explores the role of anxiety in the genesis of James’s autobiographies.

Sample Translations by John Holland

These four sample translations from different fields in which I work are made available under Creative Commons Attribution licenses. If you have received a copy of any of these texts, please verify that the respective authors are cited, along with my name as translator. Specific licensing information can be found after each sample.

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