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For an overview of the fields in which I work and the services I provide, please click here.

Recent Projects

To give you an idea of the scope of my work, here are some projects I have completed:


  • Various medical records for insurance purposes:
    More than 250,000 words translated
  • An NGO grant application for public health education
  • Website text for a cancer research group
  • Essays and interviews for an art magazine
  • An application for research funding (ANR)
  • Several academic articles in various fields
  • A magazine travelogue
  • Two presentations for a psychology conference
  • General terms of sale for an online business
  • Mission statement of a charitable organization
  • Article abstracts for an academic journal


  • A peer review of a scholarly article
  • Website text for an international business school
  • A financial services tender


Please see the evaluations of my work provided by clients at the translation website, where I am a member of the “Certified PRO” network.

A Few of my “Do’s and Don’ts”

I do …
  • use CAT tools when appropriate,
  • meet deadlines,
  • thoroughly research and edit my work,
  • respect your confidentiality.
I don’t …
  • subcontract work to others,
  • use or post-edit machine translation (MT),
  • accept jobs I am unable to do well.

Further Information About Translation

Here are some additional thoughts on how to find the right translator for your project:

Cover of the “Guidelines for the Translation of Social Science Texts,” with a link download the PDF from the website of the American Council of Learned Societies

Guidelines for the Translation of Social Science Texts

This report was published in 2006 by the American Council of Learned Societies, a private, nonprofit federation of more than 70 national scholarly organizations.

These guidelines address many aspects of translation, including criteria for choosing a translator for scholarly and related works. There is also a very interesting discussion of translation “pitfalls” such as linguistic and conceptual “false friends” and problems around “leveling” a work’s original style and altering its methods of argumentation. The report concludes with an appeal for scholars to write in their own languages (Appendix I).

SSTP Guidelines is available in multiple languages at

Cover of the brochure “Translation: Getting it Right,” with a link to download the PDF from the website of the International Federation of Translators

Translation: Getting it Right

A guide for translation buyers by Chris Durban. Get an overview of different factors to consider before, during and after a translation project, with examples of what can go wrong and advice on how to avoid problems.

This brochure is distributed by a number of professional organizations including the Société française des traducteurs and the International Federation of Translators (FIT).

Please also see the companion guide: Translation: Buying a Non-Commodity.

Overview of Terms and Conditions

  • I provide no-cost and no-obligation quotes for all projects, with price, delivery date and specifics of the job. New clients may be asked for an advance deposit, and return clients can be billed on a monthly basis.
  • Prices are determined on a per-project basis and are usually calculated in terms of the word count of source documents. Surcharges may apply for rush jobs, special or uneditable formats (PPT, PDF, etc.), pages with handwritten text, and so on. Research, work on bibliographies, editing and proofreading are charged at an hourly rate.
  • I cannot provide a quote before I have reviewed the text to be translated or edited.
  • Please also see my General Terms of Sale, as recommended by the professional organization to which I belong, the Société française des traducteurs.
  • Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or special requests. I will be happy to try to accommodate your needs.

John Holland’s
“General Terms of Sale”

Cover of the “Terms and Conditions” for John Holland Translations, with a link to download the PDF from this website